Know Your Mini Loader Attachments

Wondering which attachment is best suited for what job? Let this handy guide point you in the right direction.

1. Standard 4 in 1 bucket 

  • Carry, push, grab and level earth with this versatile attachment.
  • Use for landscaping, carrying, and levelling.
  • Carry up to 125kg.

2. Post Hole Digger

  • Use this attachment to dig post holes with a diameter of 750mm and to a depth of 1.5 metres or 2.3 metres with an extension.
  • Use for fence posts and hard ground.
  • Speed of 90rpm and torque of 1800Nm.

3. Trencher

  • Using a trencher attachment to dig holes gives you full visibility and manoeuvrability at all times!
  • Use for fence posts and digging.
  • Dig depth between 900 to 1016mm.

4. Stumpgrinder

  • Great for tree stump removal.
  • Great for hard to access areas.
  • Great for eliminating roots.