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Hoses, Heavy Duty and Submersible Pumps for Hire Raymond Terrace / Newcastle

Do you need high quality pumps for dewatering cellars, garages, pits, ponds or ditches? How about for emptying sumps or pumping out clean (or dirty) water? Look no further! Nielsens Hire has a choice of heavy duty Flexdrive pumps at your service. We also have submersible electric pumps ready to do those odd jobs you have in line.

All of our pumping equipment are checked regularly. At Nielsens Hire, you can be confident that what you’re hiring is at its best condition and will work efficiently so you can get your job done in no time.

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Flexdrive Pump

Heavy Duty Flexdrive Pump Model 212 Hire

  • Self-priming
  • Submersible
  • Choke resistant impeller design
  • Portable

Flextool Pumps are highly efficient underwater units which are operated by a variety of portable drive units powered by petrol, diesel, electric and pneumatic motors. Flextool Pumps are completely self priming and extremely robust in their design. Read more…

Heavy Duty Flexdrive Pump Model 212 Hire

Davey Water Pump

Submersible Electric Davey D40A Pump Hire

  • Centrifugal design
  • Corrosive-resistant stainless steel motor
  • High quality paint finish

Portable electric submersible drainage pumps ideal for: dewatering of cellars, garages, ditches, pits & ponds; pumping clean or slightly dirty water; sump emptying; decorative water features. Read more…

Submersible Electric Davey D40A Pump Hire