Access Equipment for Hire

Cherry Pickers and Material Lifts Raymond Terrace/ Newcastle

We have a range of quality products to help you access those tricky, high spots on the job. We have different types of cherry pickers and material lifts for hire, suitable for larger construction sites and DIY backyard renovations.

Our road towable trailer mounted cherry pickers can be transported easily from site to site and set up quickly using hydraulic outriggers. They are built to be as light and compact as possible and offer an excellent working envelope for their size, with a range of working heights. Cherry pickers can be used indoors and outdoors, in narrow and compact areas and for many different applications and industries.

Our equipment is maintained regularly and complies with all current safety standards to guarantee your safety while working.

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12m Electric/Diesel Cherry Picker

Nifty 120T Cherry Picker

  • Nifty 120T trailer mounted boomlift
  • Bi energy unit. Choice of diesel or electric operation
  • Max working height 12m
  • Hydraulic outriggers
  • Telescopic boom

This bi energy unit has a maximum height of 12 metres and a telescopic boom. It is ideal for use on construction sites and for accessing multi-storey constructions. Read more…

12m Electric/Diesel Cherry Picker

Sumner Lift

Sumner 2020 Material Lift Hire

  • Sumner-built winch
  • Roller wheels
  • Reversible forks
  • Compact storage

Sumner’s Series 2000 material lifts are built for heavy materials and continuous work. This compact lift offers stronger mast design and a superior cabling system. The shorter mast sections allow the 2000 to travel through doorways without tipping and to fit nicely into vehicles with small storage space. Read more…

Sumner 2020 Material Lift Hire

Sumner Lift

Sumner 2315 Gyprock Lifter Hire

  • Solid and light-weight
  • 70 kg capacity
  • No tool assembly
  • Up to 4.5m lifting capacity

The Sumner 2300 Drywall Lift Series is ideal for duct and other lifting tasks that need a third hand. This Sumner Lift Series is perfect for installation of light bulbs in light fixtures, and has the ability to tilt 65 inches for drywall installation. The unit lifts load of 70 kg up to 4.5 m. Read more…

Gyprock Lifter Sumner 2315