How to dig a suitable fence post hole

Any fence worth its salt has deep foundations and that means a good sized hole. Well how hard can it be? Doing things yourself is a fundamental part of the Australian culture, but doing things properly is important too. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to building your own fence. If you do things half-heartedly, your fence won’t stand the test of time.
Putting up a fence can bolster security and add some flair to your home, increasing its overall value in the process. However, by building an uneven, and unsafe fence, you risk reversing those benefits. A great fence starts with a strong foundation and that means some precise digging. There’s more to digging a hole than ripping up your dirt – especially when it comes to fences. With this in mind, this article serves as a ‘how to’ guide for digging the right hole for a strong and durable fence.

Digging Down – 5 Steps to Strong Fencing Foundations

Before digging, take the time to read the following steps:

1. Make Your Marks

Even for the most eagle-eyed of us, building a fence in a straight line is anything but straightforward. This is why you should always start by marking out where your holes are going to sit. Do this by placing stakes lightly into the ground and using string to make sure that they sit in a straight line.

2. Don’t Puncture the Plumbing

Before you do any digging you need to be sure that you’re not going to strike any underground service lines, such as sewage pipes or electrical cables. One false move and your fence will become very expensive. To ensure you’re safe to dig, we recommend contacting Dial Before You Dig, a free service that will make sure you’re in the know before you begin.

3. Get the Right Tools

Make sure you get your dig right from the start by hiring quality drills and ensure you choose the right size. By drilling to just the right size you can ensure that you’re not wasting concrete by having to overfill holes, saving you money in the process!

4. Picture Perfect

Digging to the right depth is crucial, but how do you know when you’re there? There’s an easy way to make sure that all your holes are drilled to the right depth. Simply paint a mark on the drill at your desired depth and drill down to that level. Not only will this save money on concrete, it will make sure your fence is completely consistent.

5. Be Prepared!

Even with all your preparation, things might not go to plan. You might strike a rock in one or more of your holes. There’s no need to panic if this happens, just make sure you know exactly what to do next – In the case of a stray rock, you may need an electric jack hammer to break your way through.
If you have any other troubles when it comes to your digging or you’re just after some more information, you can always contact the experts. The team at Nielsens Hire are your one stop shop for equipment hire in Newcastle. To get the best equipment and the right advice, contact us today.